“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

ARCHITravel, architravel.me, is an online architecture travel guide. Providing the exact addresses along with maps, descriptions and photos for world’s architecture projects, it is the best source of information for your cultural trip.

But, what is ARCHITravel for us? It is a word, a verb, a call-to-action idea to promote architectural knowledge to the wider public worldwide.

The role of architecture is crucial to the success of a place in being friendly to its visitors and users, in every aspect. Moreover, its importance can only be understood in real life, not just through the commentaries of tourist guides. It is a discovery that happens whilst strolling through a place and experiencing its reality.

That’s why, in 2009, as architecture students, we decided to create ARCHITravel. We started to collect all these information on architecture we thought were missing from the common tourist guides. It was then and it is still so difficult for a traveler to find architectural projects, beyond the classic ones, to include to their program when preparing for a trip.

With ARCHITravel, we help architecture to reach a larger public through the experience of architecture tourism. Not only by making the planning of a trip easier, but also with unveiling the most beautiful projects of architecture in all corners of this world, even the most remote ones.

It is our desire that the more people are experiencing architecture, the more next generations will be further educated on it. And, that will lead to better environments, better life, more cultural awareness.

We ask from all travelers to trust us in adding as much architecture to their trips as possible with this guide and become architecture lovers, if not already. Architects, designers, photographers, global travelers, city trippers, everyone who creates a map and hits the road on a trip.

Let us ARCHITravel you and enjoy a unique cultural experience. You can choose your favorite projects from every place or, even better, all of them and have your architecture guide to go. You will return with enriched real experiences and acquire a new sense of “beauty” and functionary meaning. Then, you can spread the word, become part of our goal to promote architecture and help us create a better future.

Maria Anagnostou
Founder of ARCHITravel
Architect Engineer, MSc in Tourism and Cultural Planning and Development

Alexios Vandoros
Founder of ARCHITravel
Architect Engineer, Entrepreneur, Mind Coach